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Nation state, clan state or Somali state?

Today I went to visit a young and charismatic Somali youths by the name of Anti Tribalism Movement ATM. It was amazing to see how they were changed from their early beginnings back in 2011 to more mature and more realistic.

Today’s discussion was our different views on what statehood is and how we can get out of the situation Somalia is right now.  The conversation was long, it took almost three hours and we did not even realise that it took us that long. Finally we came to agree that the core of the confusion is that we have two parallel Somali.

  1. Somali the tribe.
  2. Somalia the nation state.

We decided to write a paper in regards to Somali the tribe, some of these tribesmen live in the state of Somalia, hence they are Somalis by clan and Somali citizens at the same time.  However, Somalia (the state) is geographically positioned in Horn of Africa, its boundaries were defined by the European colonial powers and the tribes had no say over the matter.  Large parts of Somalia, starting from Hiran all the way down to Jubbaland bordering with Kenya, inhabitants are none (Somali tribes) but never the less Somali by citizenship.  The second group, Somalis but not belonging to Somali tribe have suffered enormously during the civil strife and continue to suffer. In the absence of clearly defined between these two parallel Somali, the decision makers will always be confused. Well meaning projects and programs have ended up with doing more harm to none Somali “the tribe” than help.

We shall post the paper in due course.

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