Beizani: A Voice for the Voiceless

Samiya Lerew

Samiya is the founder of and an active advocate for the marginalised people of Somalia. Follow her on twitter @samiyalerew   

This website presents articles that address the misplaced policies of 4.5; a system which created the wanton separation of the Somali people. The isolation, discrimination and othering of the Somali citizens was made possible under this dysfunctional set of rules. This has only created victimisation of the most productive communities and societies within their own homesteads. Consequently, productivity in the nation is at an all-time low and there is virtually zero—zero—economic development.

All political power, including use of firearms and distribution of local aid, was concentrated in the hands of four dominant clans; they share the common belief that they are the descendants of superior ancestry based on a pastoralist mythology. This system, 4.5, has proved to be a complete failure.

We hope to provide a real understanding of the plight of Beizanis and advocate more inclusive policies and equal opportunities in politics, economics and security. The natives of these marginalised communities should be allowed to govern their own regions, towns, villages, and above all: their country.


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